Catch ‘n Release

A Dr. Savanna Jamison novel

By Susan Hart Hellman

Psychologist Dr. Savanna Jamison is called upon to help defend a strange looking man who killed a girl in a sleazy bar. It sounds like a clear cut case: killer grabs knife off bar; killer stabs girl; dozens of witnesses saw him do it; killer is headed for death row. Case closed.

But Savanna accepts the case, don’s her newest Armani mini skit, and sets out to work, only to find that evidence has gone missing; the witnesses are actually clueless; and the bartender is apparently leading a very suspicious-sounding double life. And this is the good news.

The situation becomes even worse when Savanna discovers that another killer she helped send to prison has been let out and is headed her way. And then, a death threat note arrives, delivered most unconventionally, warning that anyone having any contact at all with the killer (but which one?) will meet a less than desirable fate.

And in the meantime, clear to everyone but her, Savanna’s romance is about to fall all apart.

Savanna soon learns that every one seems to be playing their own nasty little game, each with a common goal: catch what you can, release what you don’t want, and never, ever be the one to get caught.