Upcoming Workshops

Memoir Writing: for Pleasure or Publication.
Memoir stories, whether on their own or part of a larger memoir, can be written for fun and family, to embellish the family tree, and also for publication. Many magazines, newspapers, and other publications are happy to pay for short memoir stories, and in this workshop, you will learn:     What is “memoir” – how to define this writing form; how to determine what you have to say; little-known techniques for writing both short “slice of life” memoir stories and longer memoir; “tricks” for making memoir compelling and publishable; how to identify venues that will lead to publication success; and how to “pitch” your stories to those publications.

(Wednesdays, Sept. 11– Oct 2, 2013, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Pleasant Valley Recreation District, 1605 E. Burnley, Camarillo. For information: susan@susanharthellman.com. For Registration: 805.482.1996 or www.pvrpd.org.)

Magazine Writing: Breaking In, Staying In. 

Do you have some interesting stories to tell?  In this class you will learn little-known tricks and techniques for writing publishable magazine articles. You will learn to identify publications that will lead to your greatest success; to identify free Key Helpers to assist you in perfecting your ideas; how to write the query letters editors love to receive; and little-known “secrets” for building a strong writer/editor relationship, so that once you’re “in” with a publication, you stay “in.”

(Wednesdays, Sept. 11– Oct. 2, 2013, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Pleasant Valley Recreation District, 1605 E. Burnley, Camarillo.  For information:  susan@susanharthellman.com . For registration: 805.482.1996 or www.pvrpd.org.)

Building Your Platform Through Magazine Writing: Getting In/Staying In the Freelance Magazine Market.
Lean how to use your writing skills to get into magazines to create a platform for your larger fiction or non-fiction works. (TBA. Please contact susan@susanharthellman.com for information)

Getting Free Publicity for Yourself and Your Writing.
Little-known techniques for creating news-worthy opportunities; “tricks” for writing publicity materials known to grab editors’ attention; secrets to talk show interview success; and more. (TBA. Please contact susan@susanharthellman.com for information.)

Promoting Your Small Business: Working with the Media/Making the Media Work for You.
(TBA. Please contact susan@susanharthellman.com for information.)